July 31, 2006

Kitten on a Horse

Well Lim is really stepping out this evening with plans to make a recipe which has been handed down in his family for generations--never used, just handed down.

It's Spicy Baked Silverbelly with Caviar Sauce...and you can have a peek at a Silverbelly in the Dreamyfish Art Gallery if you don't remember what one looks like...see the March 7 post.

So imagine my surprise when the office phone rang at 5 this morning...Lim answered and sleepily transcribed a new limerick from Mr.A.Cat, as titled above:

You've heard of the kitten of course
who rode into town on a horse
ignored laws and borders
for those were his orders
which filled us with buyers' remorse.


Well, I never bought what that kitten was selling, but if I had, I'd be filled with more remorse than currently...we're living in a world of remorse for those who still have consciences and don't think they can do whatever they please no matter who it hurts.

Will review tonight's dinner after I've enjoyed (?) it. Good day to ya in George Bush's America and Everywhere Else besides!

7.31.06 10:29 am

DINNER UPDATE 7:20 pm: Dinner was quite amazing with the Baked Silverbelly crusty on top and perfectly flakey inside. Caviar Sauce was very salty for my taste, but I guess it would be, wouldn't it? Lim assures me that the Brine Stew on tomorrow's menu won't be as salty as tonight's fare. We'll see. I draw the line at snails....

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