July 18, 2006

A kitten from Craven

This is quite a long limerick as limericks go, and perhaps they should, but Mr A.Cat has shown himself adamant about its posting:

We read that the kitten from Craven
is seeking political haven
the US said no
a-roamin' you'll go
your road will be rough and unpaven.

This kitten from Craven had brothers
who stood out ahead of the others
so often unshaven
the first Earl of Craven
gained intell on Syrian mothers.

And when all the psy-ops went down
the brothers were toasts of the town
just what saddam knew
might die with him too
the US sure looks like a clown.

So let the red nose honk again
we've barely an ally or friend
to single us out
George Bush gave a shout
I'll tell ya just how this will end.

Dick Cheney set up Chalabi
as if he believed him y'see
but Dick is behind
most all you will find
I don't want him sitting on me.


(Well, no cat likes to be sat upon and will avoid it at all costs so I can certainly see how Cheney's balast would be frightening to a feline. It rather frightens me as well esp on another level.)

Luncheon Time: Lim is in the kitchen baking some blubber for his famous Seahorse Salad...I'm not sure where the blubber comes in, but it has No Relation At All to blubber bums attempting to sit upon cats--of this I am certain. Good day to ya!

7.18.06 12:38 pm

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