July 21, 2006

Hollow Apollo

Cat Fight! Rrraow-w-woww-r-w! But Lim seems to have gotten over it pretty well (due to my posting of his pic and his subsequent exposure to ridicule) and now has sent a request from Mr.A.Cat to post this somewhat sassy little limerick for your consideration:

The Cat from Apollo

They tell me the cat from Apollo
mouthed slogans not easy to follow
he wouldn't drink fluids
except with the Druids
not even the tiniest swallow.

The clock strikes eleven at night
Apollo is feeling his might
to relish his role
she dances the pole
lest laura should turn on the light.

So what can Apollo cat do?
the Chinese are after him too
he jets 'round in circles
while rubbing the merkels
a butter roll slack-jawed he'll chew.


Eee-yu-u-w-w! No butter rolls for dinner tonight, that's for sure. In fact, I can smell the Eel Stew which Lim put on the hob before he left this morning. Actually, it's a crock pot he's hooked up for simmer...apparently eels take a long time to seem like food. Will let you know later how the Stew went down...jc 7.21.06 12:09 pm

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