July 28, 2006

The Gilly Kitten

Lim says this bit o'fluff admonishes against inviting hoodlums for dinner. I assume he was referring to politicians, not to me! We are to dine in an hour on a Mystery Casserole of some description...Lim's recipe, of course. Well, here it is--such as it is:

You know of the kitten from Gilly
who made politicians look silly
he parsed all their verse
to make them look worse
the thespians up on the Hilly.

The Capitol Theater is set
to entertain you and your pet
the curtain goes up
they're filling their cup
with all of the loot they can get.

So keep a close eye on the bunch
and never invite them to lunch
your silver will leave
tucked just up a sleeve
you'll wish you had followed your hunch.


as typed and posted by jc 7.28.06 7:17 pm (Lim's asking me, where's that oven mitt...?)


AFTER DINNER UPDATE: 11:22 pm...the Mystery Casserole turned out to be:
Squid Parmesan with Anemone Lemon Sauce...and al dente, too, with Seaweed Salad on the side.

The problem came when Lim overloaded the dishwasher.

The bubbles are still floating around in the kitchen but the air is pretty clear in here (pretty clear that I'll be doing the dishwasher-loading from now on. How many lessons can you give a cat? None, 'cos they don't listen anyway--unless it is to mock you with your own words later on. Or that has been my experience as of yet--not that I'm not fond of Lim...I am most fond of him. And I have a hearty sense of gratitude for the service to our nation of his friend, Mr.A.Cat. Wonder what the A stands for?)
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