July 29, 2006

Frittering Kitten

And after tonight's Baked Bengal sergeant with Artichoke Fritters, I can do no less than post a limerick on behalf of Lim and his roust-a-bout friend, Mr.A.Cat.

To see an image of a Bengal sergeant, aka Abudefduf bengalensis, go to Dreamyfish Art...because typing for cats isn't All I have to do, y'know. And now, without fur-ther a-do:

I think of a kitten today
who frittered his nation away
by wearing the cap
of globalist pap
the highest of bidders held sway.

No borders for Georgie will do
you'll live in South Canada too
or North Mexico
your bondage will grow
in Brussels you're 6662.

The mushbrain of power resides
in DC with Dick splitting sides
they chuckle with glee
just thinking of we
awash on their chaotic tides.

The earth groans with lava and storm
we discount a globe that is warm
the fascists will march
with spittle and starch
as over our freedoms they swarm.


As the earth heats up, totalitarianism breeds (said astrologer, Sybil Leek!)...it's a cycle all right, but we may not cycle out of this one, m'friends.

On a brighter note, Lim has located a marvelous blog where limericks nestle along with news links at Limerick Savant.
Try it out, it won't hurt a bit, although there appear to be groans occurring in Cleveland as well...limericks can do that to a man. But apparently cats are immune.

jc 7.29.06 9:24 pm

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