July 22, 2006

Dreaming America

Here's something I'm being encouraged to post for you in spite of my second thoughts on the subject.

Lim is refusing to cook dinner if I don't do so--and if you had a world-renowned chef in the kitchen, you might relent, too! (Title as above):

The voice of authority spoke
about all the laws that you broke
police state today
may whisk you away
it's time you looked twice and awoke.

The j-boots are coming for you
Cat Stevens escaped so you'll do
the press has been dumped
the public is stumped
who'll cry if george bush gets the flu?

We've traded a pig in a poke
our freedoms soon gone in a stroke
you'll know when it came
then Kent State looks tame
The Ideal turned into a joke.


Well, I have nothing to say, Idealistic America, but RIP. jc

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