July 21, 2006

Cat in a Bubble

With relief I report to you that even Lim admitted upon his return that the Eel Stew wasn't as advertised...we tossed it out back and you should've seen the bushytails and birds remembering where else they had to be in a hurry.

So Lim made up Salmon Patties with his award-winning Sardine Sauce and we easily made do.

However now I must reciprocate and type up this limerick so that brash kittens everywhere may profit from the idealistic Mr.A.Cat's tales and froth:

Beware the fat cat in a bubble
who got the whole world in some trouble
he's got quite a stake in
another man's bacon
by rushing to war on the double.


Well, there it is. It isn't Shakespeare, as they say, and never Will.

jc cc: Lim 7.21.06 10:31 pm

tags: Limericks
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