July 27, 2006

Cat from Kincaid

This limerick may not be as rich as the Truffle and Cod Pie Lim plans to bake for our dinner, but it's sure to be offensive to somebody:

Did you vote for the cat from Kincaid
in spite of the plans that he laid?
the bushgang took over
while rolling in clover
continuing with their charade.

Conserve and compassion them all
we'll frog-march the Goose-Steppers' Ball
transparency gone
we'll perp until dawn
the Democrats taking the fall.

So vote in November for sure
though Democrats' motives aren't pure
they're all that we've got
it's our only shot
this war madness smells like manure.


Hmm-m-m....manure fragrance is definitely not what's emitting from the kitchen just now. Truffle and Cod Pie is new to me but I'm game.

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