July 13, 2006

A Cat from The Hill

Here's what looks like a recent scribble from A.Cat--well, dictated by A.Cat to his "friend"--but I've never seen them in the same room at the same time. Still, if I can make out this rather wobbly writing, I'll type it out for ya. You see the title above, so here goes:

There once was a cat from The Hill
who vetoed a lobbyist's bill
they beat him with mittens
and kitnapped his kittens
so now he's a Capitol Shill.

The Capitol Shill was so mean
the orneriest cuss that you've seen
'twas tailford and pawford
especially in Crawford
sped by in his black limousine.


Jude again-->Can't read the rest...must get a larger magnifying glass for these faded squiggles. But you get the idea. Cats are more politically-inclined than I ever knew. Plus I think the packets got damp somewhere along the line. More later...

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