July 12, 2006

A Cat from Duluth

Here's the first of the limericks which seems to be fairly recently-transcribed...see post #1 above for details of the mysterious packet from which it was fished.

I don't have time to sort these limericks and verses chronologically for posting since I've got three other blogs to concern myself with. Plus the scratchy handwriting--hand?--is difficult to read at times...I'm doing my best but it's slow going.

As stated in my previous post, if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve, dear reader, it is strongly suggested you forego these verses entirely at your discretion:

There once was a cat from Duluth
whose heartbeats were long-in-the-tooth
just like VP Cheney
his photos were grainy
Iraq was his downfall, forsooth!

This cat and Dick Cheney would fly
to Baghdad and back on the sly
with oil as the reason
it may be duck season
will Dick duck himself bye'n'bye?


Forget Dickie Cheney for now
we'd rather have cats with meow
not snarl or threat
to keep as a pet
he's more than the law will allow.

So Dick and the kitty still friends
cannot tell us when their war ends
they make all their money
by leading us funny
not caring what message it sends.

FINAL EPILOGUE or How Offended Do You Want To Be?

And when Judgement Day sounds the horn
in spite of the blame and the scorn
will Dick and George say
we did it OUR way?
But now we regret we were born.


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