July 23, 2006

Cat from Calais

This 2-parter seems tinged with personal vendetta-ism but I've promised to post it because the Tuna Turnovers Lim baked for din din were so flakey and delish...it's kudos again! But as for the limerick: consider yourself bewarned:

You've seen the old cat from Calais
who said what they told him to say
he gets on tv
just after a pee
and proves that dislexic's okay.

Renowned for his malapropism
no union but more of a schism
was formed on his watch
a gun with a notch
he starts strong but ends with a fizzum.


So there ya go--another wretched verse from Mr.A.Cat who remains now, as ever, in and at your service.

jc 7.23.06 11:54 pm

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