July 14, 2006

A Cat from Belize, if you please

Here's a liminal limerick recommended to me today in a very early morning phone call. I can do no worse than pass it on to you in spite of any current or future misgivings:

There once was a cat from Belize
who meow-meowed wherever he pleased
an embassy ball
was scene of his fall
the cat on the flying trapeze.

He fretted the markets would tank
in spite of the champagne he drank
when Dick pulled a string
the puppet would sing
they'd laugh all the way to the bank.


Then this verse was peeking out of one of the packets--seems to be an early rendering of A.Cat's saucy exploits:

There once was a cat from Iran
who got hot and turned on a fan
it wasn't enough
to cool off his fluff
so atoms were split in Tehran.


(This is just crazy--don't they shave cats in Iran? Much easier and more cost-effective than splitting atoms which don't really appreciate being split in the first place.) Now here are three more which I include under heavy advisory:

There once was a cat from UK
who frittered his good name away
he told lies and more
to take them to war
but Tony Blair says it's okay.

There once was a cat from Bahrain
who sported a big lion's mane
when bombs were dispersed
suspecting the worst
he made his escape in a plane.

They say there's a cat from Cathay
who thought he'd be king for a day
a quick rendevous
is all right by you
if Condi Rice says hey hey hey.

When Rummy and Ricey were friends
they thought that their war'd never end
Reality came
and called them by name
they still garner fat dividends.


Well that's all I have time to type in for now--and the bottoms of the packets are yet to be spied...whew! I can only hope this posting satisfies Mr.A.Cat for a little while and that you, dear reader, will consider Mr.A.Cat's service for the nation as something to savor now that you know of it.


jude cowell 7.14.06 4:02 pm edt

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