July 25, 2006

Bad Kitten from Brussels

Two days we've had a stand off here concerning a particularly nasty bit o'limerick.

So far I'm winning and am posting this one in its stead--although with this post I must send out profuse apologies to Brussels' inhabitants and to lovers of the city--a city to which I have never been and feel no animosity toward in the least:

Bad Kitten from Brussels

Beware the bad kitten from Brussels
who loves to win all of his tussles
he came and he went
just like president
while flexing political muscles.

The Superbrain has all our numbers
it gossips while everyone slumbers
the out and the in flow
will take all our info
turn Einsteins into dumbs and dumbers.


typed by jc 7.25.06 9:12 pm

(See what I mean about Brussels? Really I think Mr.A.Cat only uses Some locations'
names because they rhyme...it's a distinct feeling I get and I always start to feel a little on the receptive side when I partake of Lim's Oyster Pearl Biscuits with Butter Gravy. Something in the pearl seems to tweak my third eyelid!)

Anyway, we had Pearl Biscuits this evening with Crabby Cakes and artichoke hearts. Artichokes are the only member of the veggie kingdom Lim will countenance when it comes to his own diet. Cats sure are finicky. But I'm guessin' they have their reasons.

ps: Please scroll a short way to July 12 for the down low on the upgrade of this sorry tale of tails...typed and posted by jc, written by Lim...as dictated by Mr.A.Cat for the warm admonition of "brash young kittens everywhere who think themselves to change the world."


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