November 28, 2018

Lim's Cat Head!

In the latest news my feline roommate Lim has a giant Cat Head and here's the proof!

August 23, 2018

Poet Mr A Cat on The Troubles of Trump

These days it's such a surprise for Lim and me when Mr. A. Cat, secret agent formerly in service to our nation, sends along a new political verse or limerick.

Yet this very thing has happened once again and makes clear that Mr. A. Cat (hidden incognito under a shady veranda somewhere in the heartland, I've heard) keeps up with current political events for today he writes and advises on...

The Troubles of Trump

The vengeful spite of Donald Trump

doth land him in hot water

the spotlight on his flaws and crimes

much brighter than his daughter

For karma always comes to call

to reap what has been sown

no wonder crooked Trump's become

the worst prez we have known

a King Kong tyrant and a cad

his foibles do alarm

with tweets and insults daily tossed

and meant for others' harm

A cornered animal is he

the Kremlin's useful tool

resign before the sheriff knocks

you sad pathetic fool.

-Mr. A. Cat, Esq.

Typed by J. C. (because cats have no hands) August 23, 2018; all rights reserved; use but with mild caution and full attribution; Mr. A. Cat appreciates any and all Shares!

April 27, 2018

Yet Another POTUS Poem by Mr. A. Cat!

April 27, 2018: well what a surprise! Lim and I never expected to hear from Mr. A. Cat again it's been so long but earlier today we discovered a mysterious message in the form of a political rhyme stealthily scratched (during the night apparently) into Lim's litter box and signed by none other than Mr. A. Cat himself. This unusual discovery gave us both the vapors, I assure you!

Now I shall quote here the rhyme left by the (allegedly) retired secret feline agent formerly in service to our nation--but first a dire warning: if there be a reader who may be sensitive to cats writing political poetry that concerns occupants of the Oval Office, she or he is strongly advised to avert her or his gaze immediately and cast your eyes no further:

Liar with your pants on fire

Donald Trump can rise no higher

won't be POTUS of the globe

rinky dinky germaphobe.

--signed, Mr. A. Cat

typist: jude cowell April 27, 2018; all rights reserved on behalf of Mr. A. Cat

Now here is a portrait of 'Puppy Dog Cinnamon's Cat' as drawn by Holden:

Blog Note: there are Odes to Donald Trump herein for those who care to Search for them!

June 19, 2017

To Ode or Not to Ode: Donald Trump

Just when my room mate Lim and I thought that Mr. A. Cat had entirely given up sending us his groan-worthy political limericks, a mysterious email arrived concerning a White House now under siege by powerful establishment forces who take exception to the real estate mogul's rule.

Now is Mr. A Cat's odious effort an 'ode'? Who knows. Is it for or against Mr. Trump? Debatable! But see what you think, dear reader, for it's your call to share...or to ignore, as you wish!

When your lawyer gets a lawyer

and your rating's going down

with your tax returns elusive

people calling you a clown

even fake news cannot save you

though you tweet lies like a chump

better take a long vacation

for your name is Donald Trump.


author: Mr. A. Cat (c) 2017

typist: Jude Cowell

chef: Lim

Here's an odd fact: Mr. A has limericked a campaigning Mr. Trump in a previous post (with Trump's natal horoscope shown). Plus, there's even a Part Two. Rrraowwrrr!

Please tell me...Why does the Laughing Cat laugh?

October 18, 2016

Oct 18, 2016: An Ode to Donald Trump Part 2

image: Moon Shining Across a Lake; jude cowell art 2016+

Although An Astrologer's Ode to Donald Trump Part 1 remains available from earlier in Drumpf's campaign, a Part 2 had to be composed if only to rid myself of the nagging nuisance of creation.

Fortunately for both of us, the verse is brief, a benefit totally unlike Campaign 2016:

~Ode to Donald Trump Part 2~

The horoscope of Donald Trump

now withers with him in a slump

yon fuzzy hair still neon bright

a lantern on a cold dark night

But if at end he pulls on through

he'll sniff at me

and insult you.

jc Oct 18, 2016 10:22 pm edt

Note: there exists an X-rated and quite odious version of this Ode but the poet isn't typing it. She isn't typing it. Besides, you can make up your own!

Update Oct 19, 2016 okay here is v2 of ~Ode to Donald Trump Part 2~ beginning with line 3, 'yon fuzzy hair...'

yon fuzzy hair still neon bright

don't cross him on a cold dark night

But if at end the dud pulls through

he'll sniff at me

and go for you.

copyright by author 2016+

And you know it's true. Parody, satire, ridicule, and such are often the best defense against scoundrels and sociopaths who call themselves politicians but who act in breach of the public contract regularly and purposely.

September 30, 2015

Jon Stewart Stands With 9/11 First Responders To Urge Congress To Renew Benefits - video

Right now it's 10:10 pm edt and at midnight the US Congress allows medical benefits for 9/11 First Responders to run out because they're too sorry to do the jobs we pay them to do. The extension would pass if it is brought up but they're declined to allow a vote so benefits will begin to dry up and by December doctors will be laid off.

Once again, congress members, Republicans in particular, are in breach of the public trust. And if America is nothing more than a corporation We the People should demand that politicians keep their side of the contract with the American people.

Jon Stewart has been spotlighting this issue for quite a while:

This political post has been ok'd by Lim because my feline roommate is enraged over his issue!

An Astrologer's Ode to Donald Trump

Perhaps you've heard that real estate mogul Donald Trump is running for president of the United States for 2016 and I am happy to announce that Lim and I have finally heard again from Mr. A. Cat and have collaborated with him to create an ode concerning Mr. Trump's 2016 prez bid as seen through the candidate's natal horoscope which is pictured here:

If you wish, check out details concerning his chart and personality by visiting my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington.

And though Mr. Trump's popularity seems to be somewhat waning of late, and assuming you are familiar with astrological principles, here is our Ode to Donald Trump which asserts a familiar life lesson that we are what we are:

The horoscope of Donald Trump

doth follow him while on the stump

his Merc in Cancer aces deals

and tells us how he really feels

Bombastic to an nth degree

he's royal in his panoply

as Mars and Regulus arise

determined on the greatest prize

Huge Jupiter stood-still must care

with Libra's constant "they're not fair!"

a quarreling nature battling hard

he soon shall play his last Trump card.

meowed by Mr. A. Cat, Jude Cowell, and Lim (c) 2015 all rights reserved but feel free to Share with attribution!

March 8, 2015

Mr. A. Cat's Verses of the Six Degrees

By now you have deduced that Mr. A. Cat is missing in action--M.I.A., as it were--and that Lim and I had all but given up expecting that a missive of verse or limerick would ever arrive. We had unhappily accustomed ourselves to abiding with no hope of a limerick nor even a soft meow from Mr. A.'s direction -- our favorite secret agent formerly in service to our nation, and a feline of many rare talents whose location continues to be unknown, even as I type.

Yet with this morning's light came an announcement from my feline companion Lim that a poem has appeared overnight next to the blue flower pot in the garden shed, a novel delivery method by Mr. A. to be sure but a welcome relief for Lim and yours truly, the typist around here since cats don't have fingers--although Lim is a pretty good speller, I freely admit. (His punctuation ability is quite another matter!)

And so without further ado I shall type Mr. A. Cat's new verses word for word as Lim found them stealthily scratched onto a piece of tree bark though not without some trepidation for Mr. A.'s mysterious inspiration for the rhyme's topic seems unusual even for him. I shall make no comment afterwards for having read them, I really don't know what to say. Still, do peruse Mr. A. Cat's Six Degrees if you dare but please allow the typist's expression of some trepidation to serve as your warning and not heedless:

Mr. A. Cat's Verses of the Six Degrees

In Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees

there nestles Tudor's tale

a royal son exalted high

was then tossed into gaol

A Bard and poet prophet he

renowned both far and near

fate's new atlantis his ideal

bequeaths a haunting fear

Such hallowed halls of Science trod

old Francis and his staff

genetics our cruel master now

enjoys his mocking laugh

As followers expand the dream

with solitary eye

in pagan hearts a beast to roar

all decency defy

That hidden plan becomes more clear

as plainly can be seen

from chaos order is employed

by head of state and Queen

In modern times the game descends

to liars crooks and knaves

who conscience-free purport to be

footloose to dance on graves.

(c)2015+ all rights reserved

Above image: Topaz as 'Mr. A. Cat' teaches young Lim (Wiley) how to break into a desk leaving no paw prints.

November 5, 2012

A November 2012 Rhyme: How Rich Is Mitt Romney?

Oh boy, it's been months since Lim or Mr. A. Cat asked me to type here a limerick or rhyme for you! But who can boss around cats, right? Here's lovely Zasha, the Russian Blue, to say, don't bother trying to herd us into anything we don't want to do!

So, the uptick is that I've had to become inspired myself and Election Day November 6, 2012 (tomorrow!) is the muse:

How rich is Mitt Romney

how high is the sky

how deep are the oceans

how apple the pie?

How mean is the bully

how stealthy the thief

how cruel a plutocrat

bringing us grief?

How psycho the pathic's

political ploys

how damaging partisans

making such noise?

How gullible voters

how fake a campaign

how antique a platform

for their Crazy Train?

jc 2012

It will be very interesting to me to see how the Mainstream Media spins their own reporting over the next few weeks if Mitt Romney, bolstered by Karl Rove's cheating tactics galore and some squirrelly voting machines, allegedly 'wins' tomorrow's election. My suspicion is that the MSM's 2012 narrative may make the knots it tied itself into over "hanging chads" and the Supreme Court's vote-counting interference in December 2000--in order to hand the presidency to George Bush--look like child's play.

Now as you probably know, Mercury, planet of voting, votes, ballots, decisions, communications and such performs a Station Retrograde tomorrow around 6:00 pm ET which bodes ill for quick results--if not presidentially, then the outcomes of some House and Senate races may be tied up for weeks until mid-December.

Another curious astrological factor about tomorrow is that the Election 2012 Moon (Moon = We-the-People in Mundane or Political Astrology) is void of course and you may wish to check out the situation on my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington where you'll find no awful political rhymes to annoy you, I promise!

Well, at least not at the moment...

June 13, 2012

Lim's Ode to Big Bankers

You know a re-read of Simon Johnson's and James Kwak's book 13 Bankers, plus JP Morgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon reciting his mea culpa script today to a congressional panel on how unaware he was of his corporation's outrageously risky loss of billions of dollars has reminded me of a recent rhyme that Mr. A. Cat sent to my roommate Lim the Cat who then scratched it into his litter box contents for me to discover at my leisure.

So, okay, it's past time I typed it here for you (before its stinkability is scooped away and flushed!) So if you wish, please read the following untitled verse with my compliments which are now blended with my own mea culpa for lamentable typing tardiness! After all, it isn't as if cats have typing fingers, you know:

Hanky panky needs a spanky

gave our Treasure to the banky

little help from young Dodd-Franky

Paulson Geithner Ben Bernanke.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq

transmitted June 12, 2012, from underneath a shady porch in an undisclosed location.

Now here's our lovely Zasha as recently portrayed by my photographer daughter, Maya:

April 25, 2012

A GOP 2012 Limerick

Meow to All!

Yes, this is the first and belated post of 2012 here at Lim's Limericks and I must report to you that so far the mysterious Mr. A. Cat has been out of touch and in his usual incognito mode (as an agent formerly in service to our nation.) Therefore, no rhyming communiques of a political nature have arrived from his undisclosed location at this juncture.

But no worries since my housecat Lim is on the case and is following Campaign 2012 with all the furry attention he can muster...why, it's almost as if he's on the trail of a gang of rats!

And some would say he is.

So here goes, Lim's initial offering in honor of Campaign 2012 which arrives none too soon and hot on the heels of yesterday's five primaries:

Our country's gone wild for The Mitt

he's really a corporate fit

but since ninety-nine

have lives on the line

don't tell them that Romney is it.

by Lim

Typist: Jude Cowell

Photo below: Roxy in one of her charmer poses:

Photo by Maya Henderson.

December 22, 2011

Jude Cowell's '2012 GOP Candidates' Poetry Round-Up

Here's the lovely Zasha waiting patiently in her favorite window for Santa to arrive! She does look a little ticked though, doesn't she? ;p

Well, she couldn't be as ticked as the American people who've been swamped by months of Republican debates on TV (or what passes for debates these days) with a gigantic field of candidates clamoring for the RNC 2012 presidential nomination. It's been quite a fatiguing onslaught, hasn't it?

Then there's the constant atmosphere of gridlock and my-way-or-the-highway attitudes made special by the Tea Party congressmembers who simply adore shutting down the government to make a point and whose party insists on forcing austerity measures upon the Americans who can least afford the cuts while the rich and favored take all the goodies Washington can dish out.

Well, around here, defensive action had to be taken so in no particular order, I've created a mildly mocking limerick for each candidate--those who are still standing, those who have dearly departed...and one who may represent a GOP dream come true for warring neocons!

Forgotten is slick Herman Cain
so eager to mount his campaign
but ladies did cry
your hand on my thigh
makes White House pretentions insane.

A Perry dilemma occurred
he couldn't remember the third
his future now droops
because of an Oops
no longer his favorite word.

Young Rick Don't You Google Santorum
was seen several times in a forum
not much does he say
few turns come his way
those prez dreams he may as well store 'em.

In China Jon Huntsman was king
he spoke like they speak in Beijing
but chit chat aside
a nominee's ride
must soar like an eagle on wing.

Michele courts the church-going vote
dominionists in a big boat
her eyes on the prize
can sure hypnotize
fun gaffes but that's all that she wrote.

A president Mitt would be weird
like Abraham Lincoln sans beard
this one percent shill
gold coffers to fill
the rest of us sheep staying sheared.

Newt's launch to the stars went kaput
can't seem not to shoot self in foot
force poor kids to clean
sounds scrooge-like and mean
beware rug rats covered in soot.

You noticed Ron Paul runs again
it does no one good to pretend
kids like him a lot
no drug war on pot
and perchance the Fed meets its end.

If Jeb Bush jumps into the race
to help GOPers save face
would people be glad
he'd rule like his dad
while keeping that globalist pace?

(c) jude cowell 2011-2012

Share but please attribute!

And in case you're an American who's as frustrated with the anti-government, self-destructive style of Capitol Hill politics now being practiced as I am, here's a closing 'bonus' rhyme of a significantly groanworthy nature which hopefully isn't as annoying as Washington politicians:

For office you voted a goon
who jets off to France every June
he feasts on your dime
while dealing in slime
his ear to your needs unattuned.

jc 2011--2012

And that's my overview of Washington DC, my former residence, for December 2011. May the year 2012 not be as bad for the world as everyone expects! Jude


Did you know there's a drive to rid the US of the corporate-infused Citizens United SCOTUS decision of 2010? Actually, Thom Hartmann talks a lot about it so you may wish to allow him to inform you on the topic.

Thom and others are planning to take part in an Occupy the Supreme Court and federal courts action across the land to mark the second anniversary on January 20, 2012 of Citizens United--as I believe dissenting Americans who love their country should!